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Hi beautiful one,
thank you so much for visiting my little corner of cyber world. I am beyond humbled by your presence!
WELCOME to Cotton & Clay Co. I am a one woman show over here. I am the owner and creator of this small business. My journey started in March 2018 after I had my son and wanted to stay home with him but also wanted to earn an income because ya know student loans and all, due to a degree in criminal justice that I don't even use *insert eye roll*
What once started out as a boho baby line with macrame teethers and nursery decor using macrame and clay wall hangings has morphed into a cotton and clay accessory line (while still doing commissioned pieces). 
My goal is to encourage women, whether in the work force, battle field, stay at home mom (which sometimes feel like a battlefield am I right) college student...WHOEVER....to live their life BOLDLY, FIERCELY, and JOYFULLY. I want my earrings to evoke a sense of playfulness and joy and silliness. I want them to remind woman of the dreams and passions they once had in their hearts as a little girl and encourage them that they are never to old to chase those dreams. 
Is that too much for a pair of earrings to do? Maybe! But I will keep creating them with the hopes that they will change lives!
Enjoy! And please remember, you are precious, and fierce, and oh so wonderfully made.