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Hi beautiful one,
thank you so much for visiting my little corner of cyber world. I am beyond grateful for your presence!
WELCOME to O|A pronounced "oh-ah". I am a one woman/wife/mom show over here. I am the owner and creator of this small business which was born in 2018.
I believe that slow made, handmade jewelry is a true art that the world needs to delight in. I also believe in playing my part to create a better economy and earth so all O|A jewelry is made consciously. What does that mean? We do our best to be conscious of the material we use to not add to the waste of this world. You’ll find reworked vintage pieces, ethically sourced beads, clay earrings using only gold filled findings to ensure longevity in our designs and a investment in your accessories.  Our work is made to last…not just last a season. I take pride in my art, and take pride in bringing you one-of-a-kind jewelry that you are proud to wear!
 I want the jewelry I design to be as unique and beautiful as you!