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Collection: Nice To Meet You

Hi there friend!
Thank you so very much for visiting my little corner of cyber world. I am blessed that you took your time to visit my shop.
My name is Phoebe and I am the owner and creator of Cotton & Clay Co. a small handmade shop that specializes in funky and unique statement jewelry for the everyday woman who is looking to be bold!
This business was born in 2017 when my son, Otis, was born. I wanted an outlet where I could be ME and create beauty for others to enjoy!
My goal is to encourage women, whether in the work force, battle field, stay at home mom (which sometimes feel like a battlefield am I right) live their life BOLDLY, FIERCELY, and JOYFULLY. I want my earrings to evoke a sense of playfulness and joy and silliness. I want them to remind women of the dreams and passions they once had in their hearts as a little girl and encourage them that they are never to old to chase those dreams. 
Is that too much for a pair of earrings to do? Maybe! But I will keep creating them with the hopes that they will change lives!

Enjoy! And please remember, you are precious, and fierce, and oh so wonderfully made.

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